10 Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Home With Vastu Expert for Buying Home

Well, most of us here always in a hunt for Vastu compliant homes, but finding them such Vastu applied homes can be pretty challenging. But, did you know these Vastu tips and methods can even be quite effective and efficient when you apply these tips for your home?

Well, here we have gathered some expert Vastu tips for your new home-

10 Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind before Buying a Home

  • Of course, an entrance for every home is the primary part of any home. When you are buying a home, ensure that your house’s entrance is located in the north or the north-east direction only. It is considered auspicious and progressive.
  • Make sure that there are ample ventilation and airflow in your room. Closed and congested rooms gather negative energies, and of course germs as well- which is harmful to your health too.
  • It would be good if your windows and balconies towards east or north.
  • It should be ensured that your kitchen or the cooking space is in perfectly constructed in the south-east direction only.
  • Make sure that the water tank is kept in the northeast zone only and not elsewhere.
  • Washroom, restrooms, toilets, and bathrooms have to be in the south or the south-west zone only.
  • The Kid’s room has to be in the north-west or the north-east zone only. Make sure that the windows are constructed in the north direction only.
  • Make sure that the apartment’s center is not at all jammed or congested, as it should be completely open and should have an ample of space too.
  • There should be a lot of brightness and light in the center of the house, which is usually a living room or the lobby of a house.
  • In case, if you have a staircase in your house, make sure that the staircase is not built in the center, as it may block the open space.

In case, if you need any more assistance over Vastu Shastra homes, then you can just get advice and opinions from Vastu expert for buying homes.

When it comes to buying a home, we consider an ample of factors, including Vastu (of course, not everyone does believe in it) but Vastu consideration can even increase the value of your home. You can merely take suggestions from Vastu consultant for interior designs.