Vastu Consultant for Interior Design- 3 Ways To Adopt Vastu For New Year And Enhance Positivity

  1.  Ensure that your house is maintained cleaned and properly maintaining the cleanliness of your
    house would serve a two-fold purpose — Firstly, it would ensure that your home place is completely
    hygienic, keeping you and your loved one’s safe from any illnesses, allergies or diseases that may
    have otherwise occurred had the house not been clean. Secondly, it would be a way to implement
    Vastu in your house and would bring a large amount of positive and success to people
    who resides in the house.
  2. Make sure to decorate important or significant areas deemed by Vastu The region that surrounds
    the front door of your house is one of the most significant areas and hence must be decorated.
    Other places include the Guest room, room where you pray or worship, the regions surrounded by
    windows among others. Decoration could be done in a number of ways — you could place flowering
    to enhance the fragrance as well. Or, you could illuminate your house with candles and lamps that
    consume less energy. You could do both to ensure complete Vastu and a positive environment. A
    vastu consultant for interior design would help by recommending the best way to have Vastu in
    your house.
  3. Eliminate negativity and promote the positivity of your house One important tip to be considered is
    that all shoes, chappals, and other footwear must preferably be removed and kept outside the
    house. They should definitely not enter the significant areas of your house like the prayer room.
    This would also promote the hygiene of your house as any dirt, germs, dust, and bacteria that the
    footwear may have gathered from outside would not enter your house. If required, you could buy
    separate footwear that is only used inside your house. Another good way to ensure vastu compliant
    homes is to ring bells while praying or even talking about the New Year. Such resonance removes
    negative aspects and promotes positivity.

The New Year is here and it means a clean slate for many. Mistakes that were made earlier could be
rectified with the newfound motivation many people have due to the New Year. One way to
maintain positivity is to adopt Vastu in your house.