5 Important Vastu Shastra Tips That You Must Not Miss For Vastu compliant of Homes

Vastu Shastra is an ancient method to bring in positivity in every corner of your house. A house becomes home when it gets radiated with the right energy. Counting the traditional customs and beliefs, every house comes with its own energy type, and it can either be positive or negative. When you buy a house, you ultimately get influenced by the energy in the house. Hence, in order to make it purer, you can get assisted by the best Vastu consultant for buying home.

5 Important Vastu Shastra tips that you must not miss

In the current era, there are many Vastu experts, and yes, all of them have their opinions varied regarding the rules and principles you must consider to ensure for Vastu compliant homes. Inevitably, you might have considered a lot of Vastu consultants, but you could still be in turmoil. Of course, not all of you might count such beliefs, but these tips can be beneficial to increase the resale value too. Here we go-

  1. The Victory Door

The door has to be constructed in such a way where you face north, east or north-east when you step out. It is considered as the route to a progressive or victorious life. Make sure that you use high-quality wood for your doors. Avoid fountains, shoe rack, and dustbin outside the entrance. Also, make sure that you have lit your main entrance pretty nicely.

2. The Social Room

Do not clutter your living room, make it appealing for your guests and of course for the positivity that wants to enter your house. Furniture has to be kept in the south-west or west direction. Place the electronics or appliances in the south-east. If you want to place a mirror, fix it in the north wall of the room.

3. Cook’s Corner

Well, every kitchen in the south-east corner of a home brings in positive health. Also, one should cook facing the east as it will show more good in the house. Make sure that you don’t construct a kitchen in facing the main door.  

4. The Balance Room

Bedroom in south-west brings in a positive mental and physical health too. Make sure that you place the bed in the south-west corner; your head facing the west. Placing a mirror or a television in the front can cause quarrels. Wall paints need to be neutral or light shades; no black. Lightings has to be smooth and soft.

5. Restroom

Washroom or restrooms has to be built in the north-west corner. Alternatively, it can be built in the south-east corners though. Also, make sure that the toilets and temples are not adjacent to each other.


Hope these essential tips would be pretty helpful in making your life easier. Ensure that you consider these tips, or else take advises from a good Vastu consultant for interior design for the best. Of course, this applies to all the house buyers, whether you are constructing one, or purchasing a resale property.