Bring Tranquility in Home & Office with vastu consultant for office.

For centuries, Buddha paintings & statues are of great significance among both Hindus and Buddhists across the world. Varieties of designs and representations of Lord Buddha are available in the market including Buddha’s head, laughing Buddha, blessing Buddha, reclining Buddha and medication Buddha.

Blessing Buddha is a symbol of tranquility. Among the seven factors of enlightenment, Lord Buddha taught the world the importance of tranquility, which means “sense of peace and quiet.” You may find that the statue has his right hand raised which depicts fearless trait of the inner soul. It is believed that this posture of Lord Buddha signifies a shield that helps the souls to fight against any fear, deception, and rage.

So, have a blessing Buddha for your home or office interior, and bring back hope and harmony near you and your beloved. It is easily available in any handicraft shop or online store.

In this post, we as the vastu consultant for office enlist some general guidelines, which need to be followed before placing any Buddha painting or statue at your premises.

Always avoid placing the serene Buddha on the ground or the wall sharing a bathroom, it is considered to be inauspicious. Instead, assign it on some high level at your premises to pay respect to Lord Buddha.

As stated above, the presence of blessing Buddha maintain inner peace and psychological well-being so, it is better to place at the front entrance of your premises. It brings positive energy to your surroundings.

At last, if you are dealing with any kind of stress or negative vibes, then contact a leading Vastu consultant for the factory, Vastusouq. We guide you more on correct position and significance of Buddha paintings and holy symbols as per Vastu at your premises.