Key Details To Consider For Removing Vastu Compliance Home

Vastu and Feng Shuai are quite a debated topic; however, they have considerable role play towards establishing wealth, happiness and peace in the lives of individuals. If you have been planning to build your new house, or set-up an office, it is necessary that you have kept the Vastu in mind for taking up the big call. Now-a-days, modern interiors can solve numerous Vastu dosh or Vastu Problem. In order to keep your surroundings free of Vastu Dosh, here are a few key recommendations by Vastu experts regarding the furniture and interior alignment.

Staircase Constructions

It is most likely that if you are constructing your own house, most people skip the Vastu compliance home. However, such instances are never seen in flats and apartments. But, the common mistake is the placement of the staircases in the center of the house. In case, if you have done likewise, it will bring bad luck and health for the family. Thus, keeping that in mind, please make sure that you have kept the interiors properly organised.

Entry Gate

At the time of the construction, it is essential that proper focus is given to entry gates. If you have kept the entry gates in the southern direction, it will bring major health issues for the family members as the God of Death named Yam, as per Hindu Mythology is the dweller of the southern direction. But, just in case, if you have no other alternative but to settle for the entry gate in the southern direction, make sure that either they are built with great heights, or they have wood as their primary component for construction.

Kitchen Placement

At the time of planning for the interiors, it is necessary that you have kept it in the south-east direction as Agni Dev, or God of Fire as per Hindu Mythology controls and manages the realms in the south east direction.

At the time of getting the house constructed, or the interiors designed, it is necessary that you have kept these small details in mind.

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