Simple Tips For Vastu Compliant Of Homes

No matter how many therapeutic spa sessions you take, nothing matches the relaxation that one’s home has to offer. After a hectic day at work, home is our final destination to rest our tired bones. What makes our home our peaceful abode is the tranquillity it offers us. So, why not enhance the positivity of the place by following some vastu compliant homes tips? Let us take a look at some simple Vastu tips that you can incorporate into your home without any hassles to increase its calming aura.

1. Clean and De-clutter

A cluttered and dirty space is considered inauspicious from the Vastu viewpoint. If you wish to attract positivity to your residence, make sure you clean the place regularly. Besides that, it is necessary to keep your surroundings clean in order to get rid of any negative energy.

2. Lemon and Salt To Eliminate Negativity

Apart from keeping your surroundings clean, you can further eradicate  negativity by using salt and lemon. Salt is known for absorbing negative energies and for its healing effect. It is recommended to put little bowls of salt in every corner of the house along with a glass of water with a lemon in it.

3. Avoid Sharp Edges

Speaking of getting rid of negative energies, avoiding sharp edges is also an effective Vastu remedy for filling a home with positivity. Thus, when you select furniture and other adornment items for your house, make sure you opt for curved or round edges instead of sharp flat ones.

4. Proper Direction Of The Kitchen

South-east and North-west are the best kitchen-facing directions. For instance, placing the cooking stove in the South-east direction ensures that the person cooking the meal faces east. This is considered a positive element according to the Vastu principles.

5. Don’t Place Mirrors In The Bedroom

According to Vastu, family conflicts accompanied by a compromised health are often the consequences of placing a mirror in the bedroom. Even if you have a dressing table with a mirror, cover it with a cloth at night.

According to Vastu principles, certain specifications in designs and the architectural layout has the potential to improve the overall well being of the members of a family. Thus, it is advisable to follow these simple Vastu tips for your home to have an overall positive impact in your family life.