Some Important Vaastu Tips For Vastu Compliant Homes

Our home is the only place that offers us peace from the chaos of outside world. However, if the five elements of the nature are not in harmony in our home, our safe haven can easily become a place of negativity. Thus, it is essential to follow the principles of Vastu while decorating your home as it is the science of space and directions responsible for maintaining equilibrium. If you don’t possess knowledge about this branch of science, vastu compliant homes expert. There some basic and most popular Vastu tips than you can easily implement in bringing balance and harmony in your home. Listed below are some important Vastu tips which when implemented will bring joy and prosperity to your home.

1. Have a Name Plate

Having a nameplate outside your house indicates a sense of authority and establishes that you are the owner. Vastu experts say that having a nameplate increases the flow of beneficial opportunities to the owner and brings positivity to the family.

2. Use Wind Chimes

The tinkling bells of wind chimes have another purpose apart from being soothing to the ears. They help break patterns of negative energies present in the surroundings and encourages a flow of positive energy inside the house.

3. Use Salt For Absorbing Negative Energy

Known for its healing properties, salt is an effective absorber of negativity. Therefore, most Vastu experts advise people to keep bowls of salt in the corners of their homes.

4. Watch Over Your Picture Frames

Apart from using external elements like salt to absorb negativity, make sure you don’t contribute to creating negative energy in the house. For instance, make sure that the pictures you have hung up on the wall don’t depict any kind of violence, tragedy, anger, war or have an owl or an eagle.

5. Holy Water and Holy Symbols

Make use of holy symbols like ‘Swastik’ and ‘Om’ as they drive wealth to your home. The placement of holy water like Ganga Jal from river Ganges in unused or unoccupied areas of the house helps in maintaining positivity.

Unlike the prevailing opinion, Vastu isn’t complex. In fact, even if you don’t have the option to alter the construction of your house, it is possible to follow Vastu principles by modifying the ways of arranging the things around the house.