Vastu Consultant For Industry – Tips For Financial Growth

Financial problems are common to all. They always appear unannounced, creating stagnancy and blockage in our lives. In order to keep financial troubles at bay and attract wealth and prosperity, here are some simple Vastu tips for financial growth. To attain an in-depth knowledge, consider speaking to a Vastu consultant for industry specific solutions.

1. Plan Your Office Space Judiciously

Make sure that the front of the office space faces either North or the North-East direction. These are the favourable directions that are known to remove money-related blockages and lucrative business deals that are beneficial money wise.

2. Remove Physical Blockages From The Space

Ensure that your office space isn’t blocked by enormous trees like Banyan or Ashoka. The presence of any obstacle at the entrance is not considered appropriate from the point of view of Vastu.

3. Place The Cash Locker Carefully

Apart from taking care of the location and following spacing rules, make sure that the cash locker opens in North. This is considered to be the direction of the God of Wealth which allows it to be filled with bounty. The almirah in which the cash locker is kept should be in the South or South-West direction. Never ever put the cash locker under the beam of any kind of light. This places an enormous amount of financial stress and creates a financial crisis for the family.

4. Shape of The Office Table

It is a known fact that Vastu Shastra recognizes patterns that are regular. Make sure the shape of your office table is either rectangular or square.

5. Placement of a Fish Aquarium

In most offices and showrooms a fish aquarium is a common presence. The reason for this is that according to Vastu principles 9 goldfish and one blackfish add vibrancy to the place, thus attracting positivity.

If all your efforts to attract wealth are in vain, you can’t seem to pay off your debts; then it is time for you to implement these Vastu tips. Bring Vastu in your life and see the chaos getting sorted out.