Vastu Tips for Office Construction by Vastu Consultant For Office

Starting up a new business? Want to be successful? Well, when we talk about business, it can be any, just like Vastu Shastra. Yes, Vastu can be applied to any business regardless of the type of the company you own. Of course, applying Vastu to your interiors can make your office look good and will work for your company’s success too!

Vastu Tips for Office Construction

Well, here we have discussed a few Vastu tips that can help you while you are constructing your office. Along with these tips, you can consult some best Vastu Consultant for office as well.

  • Remember that the senior executives and top management cabins should be built either in the west, south or south-west directions.
  • Make sure that you are choosing a rectangular or square plot.
  • East and North zones are the right choice for middle-level staffs seating.
  • Cashier or accounts department has to be built in the southeast region.
  • The face of the company- reception has to be in the north-east direction.
  • Telephones and tables should be in the south-east.
  • Ensure that you build cabinets and safe on the southwest side.
  • The middle of the central area of the office has to be empty; no clutters or obstacles.
  • Make sure the pantry is in the northwest or the southeast region.
  • Ensure that the owner’s cabin is built right in the south or the southeast part of the office and yes, it has to be completely rectangular in shape. Avoid shapes like circle and other incomplete shapes.
  • Also, remember that you don’t fix up or build tube wells in the south region or the south corner.
  • Ensure that the sales and the marketing department are completely towards the northwest region or the northwest direction of your entire office.
  • Also, ensure that you are not building your office nearby graveyard, temple or hospital.
  • The washroom or the restroom has to be constructed in the southwest or the northeast direction.
  • The entrances, windows, and doors have to be constructed in the north and the east region of the workplace only.
  • The conference rooms need to be built in the northwest corner of the workplace.
  • Paint your office with sober and light shades and avoid dark colors.

Well, not just these above mentioned tips you can also take professional advice from Vastu expert for shop, offices and Vastu experts of interiors too. Also, remember all these tips while constructing your office.